Made of

I’ve witnessed those I love come into this world and I have witnessed those I love go out. They are both awe inspiring events.

 There’s a miracle of surrender that takes place to be born into human bodies, trusting all our needs to be met. I have deep respect for babies coming in and those who fearlessly leave. It is brave. We can learn to create for ourselves, make choices and participate on purpose, but really, we are always still surrendered trusting it all to work out, at least if we want to enjoy this life.

 We get to turn that surrender, that trust, into excitement, if we wish. Not steroid-forced-bull-in-china-shop excitement, or superficial fakeness. Think artesian well, organically bursting from within you, feeling it viscerally. Children know it instinctively.

Surrender-turned-excitement in this freedom and authenticity is knowing, mystical, blissful. It comes from within, from internal freedom from what conditioned you on your life’s path to abandon surrender for control, returning to the bravery of your entry, now with heart wide open, guard down, power on, trust on, safe on, creative on.

 There’s a miracle of growth and evolution we take for granted — whether we watch our tomatoes go from seed, to plant, to harvest, or like I marvel at my nephews whom I once held and tossed upside down are now 6-foot-somewhere and giving me piggy back rides when I ask—a privileged auntie, I know.

 My point, there is so much happening  for us constantly that we have no control over, that is grander than we are, like the growth of our bodies from babies to adults. All we need do is align with it inside and out.

 I was rocking out the other day to Sara Bareilles’ song, Brave. She’s singing about ending the silence and speaking up. That can happen in so many ways, including the full liberation of yourself into your next phase of creative life and being excited about what comes next. We are all brave. You are made of this.

~Shelley Hawkins

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