Intuitive Game

2020 has kicked off with a bang. I love the beginnings of a year—whether you go by the Gregorian calendar, the solstice, or another marker—where our creativity has renewed vigor and seeks its expression.

My clients expressed many things this week, life changing questions, epiphanies, intentions, celebrations, sorrow for time “lost” in old patterns, beliefs, and wounds, that turned into gratitude for who they’d become. In a word, FREEDOM. This week I thought I would share a few with you to inspire your intuitive game.

All the names are changed and details slightly shifted or left vague to maintain privacy, of course, while being real people. Real snippets of their stories. All in the course of “business.”

Jennifer’s need to make an impact that previously drove her achievement dissolved into knowing her own significance. She wept with the feeling she’s been having in meditation lately, the divinity within her, its simplicity, as she continues to evolve a business she could barely have dreamed of a year ago and witnesses who and what she needs simply showing up as she follows her callings.

Derrick felt relief, freedom, and gratitude to move from “managing” a lifelong compulsive pattern to fill his internal void, from paralyzation, to connection, cosmic belonging, and a deeper understanding of himself for his relationships. To know what it feels like to live from fullness.

Kelsey started the call off celebrating her ability to communicate in an experience that week that showed her how far she’d come; being unaffected by an old trigger; speaking truth, then connecting with her confidence and freedom to be who she is wherever she is.

The lure of strategy temporarily pulled Morgan off her intuitive game. She felt saturated with the mindset around her of how she “should” grow and market her business and increase her numbers for the year. She “hated” the typical sales techniques and refused to go there. Good! She’s not meant to. She quickly felt free, reconnected with herself and her way forward, and her own intuitive game. She can use as much strategy as she wishes from there.

Robin was silent in multiple epiphanies during the call as she experiences for the first time what it feels like to change her life so rapidly, easily, and deeply with energy. To learn that the personality tests simply show her a snapshot of who she has become up until that point, with conditioning, beliefs and experiences that have formed her personality to date, and therefore her personal reality. Everything is malleable. Including what formed her personality, and therefore her future reality.

Julie discovered the anxiety she thought she needed to work on wasn’t even hers. Once free and clear, she knew enthusiastically where to direct her focus and shift relationship that moved her forward.

As a veteran to the quantum and personal evolution, Karl is dissolving the internal walls to open himself to express and receive much more deeply in relationship and in business, in an already conscious, loving, and abundant life.

Beth is freeing herself from the erroneous tug of war between parenthood and work. Her life is developing calm, a cadence that works for her. She is dissolving the frenetic pace she learned to live by long ago to stay safe in a chaotic environment into a fulfilling rhythm, peace, response to her callings and the way she wants to raise her children. She worked less this year while increasing her income, turned her relationship with her assistant into one that flows, and connected more with her family.

Each person is tapping into themselves and what calls them, their intuitive game and learning to use strategy in service to who they intend to become. Where they used to use strategy first as a method of design for their lives and wore themselves out, their lives are becoming an expression of who they really are.

They are all ambitious evolutionaries like you, people who dig self-discovery, self-connection, moving and leading the edge of their potentials, through the quantum and conscious world. Some of them are veterans. Some of them are brand new to this way of evolving. Executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, people—lights—eager to evolve the best in themselves and nudge the greater evolution forward by who they become.

What calls you? Whatever it is you have set your sights on this year—and every year, I hope it is first of all to “risk it all” to connect ever-deeper with yourself. To move and evolve into a higher version of you each day that expands your intuitive self, connects with the wisdom intrinsic to you and that is all around you, so that your strategy, your business of life, is in service to something greater, a greater you, than you have known or expressed before.


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