Infinite Self

I woke up with this thought one morning, who are you not to? Whatever you are contemplating, facing, intending, in the wild adventure of personal evolution, you will find yourself on the frontier of more of your infinite self…constantly.

Contemplating your frontier, you’ll probably take yourself through what seem like very practical, reasonable questions.

Am I willing to risk more vulnerability in this relationship? Do I add teaching to my business and where does it fit? Do I choose chemo or dissolve this another way? Do I sell the house? How do I structure my financial coaching with my desired lifestyle? What do I want to do next? How can I give more value to my customers or take my clients to new levels? Should I move or stay? How do I create more space in my life?

Where do I invest my money? What needs to shift within me to transform this situation? Where can I make more time to spend with the people I love? Do I send the text or don’t I?

Some of those questions will be easy to answer or take a little self-exploration/transformation and you’re on your way.

But on that shore of what seems practical to ask, will often be the question hiding in the waves crashing at your feet … “who am I to…?”

Who are you not to heal the disease?
Who are you not to have a voice?
Who are you not to dissolve that conflict into clarity?
Who are you not to take your relationship into new bliss?
Who are you not to live in joy in a crazy world?
Who are you not to pioneer the way?
Who are you not to teach them?
Who are you not to rise again in happiness after grief?
Who are you not to be better than before?
Who are you not to multiply the goodness of every area of your life?
Who are you not to live in harmony?
Who are you not to heal with a touch, a glance, a presence?
Who are you not to be powerful as an empath?
Who are you not to become the man you really want to be?
Who are you not to start running at 75?
Who are you not to leave the box you’ve been living in and leap into an even greater future?

A little chaos may ensue while life contemplates rearranging around a new potential and we linger in the pause with a ‘how’ question that is really a question of who am I to?

Who are you not to?

Your current state of life does not determine your worthiness or your capability. You’re already worthy. You’re already capable. You were born for this at this very time. Your state of consciousness—your mind-body-spirit-state of being—determines what you create from here.

The energy of anything comes first (your ability to authentically feel it, trust it, know it) and the physical world of molecules and atoms and form follows.

Who are you not to…step into more of your infinite self?


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