How We See

Paul Levy in his latest and brilliant addition to quantum physics literature, The Quantum Revelation: A Radical Synthesis of Science and Spirituality, gives an incredibly beautiful example of how we are unfolding the universe as the universe is unfolding us with the example of light.

That light, like the sun, in its desire to be seen and therefore exist, formed the eye which could observe and reflect the light. For if it could not be observed, what would it exist for? These two aspects of light, then, reflect each other, unfolding each other’s existence.

We do this with our friends and lovers. With our patients, clients, employees, and customers. With our children. Our country. Our planet.

We are the light, literally and metaphorically, seeing each other while also having a consciousness that holds belief, perspectives, and forms of energy that filter our light, how it shines, what it reflects, what it projects onto others, how it shines on others.

Your personal evolution is an adventure for the hardy — you. It isn’t just about your business, your money, your healthy body, your relationship, your bliss. All the light you evolve within yourself, the filters you dissolve, radiates into a world, illumines the lives of others, contributes to their lives as well as your own.

Your movement of energy is making a world inside and out. Keep going. There is no end to growing.

“The past is theory,” said Levy. “The past has no existence except as it is recorded in the present…Our observation in the here and now has an undeniable impact in bringing about that which appears to have happened. The past is never finished once and for all.”

In other words, we are always generating, creating, shining light. Your evolution isn’t about fixing a problem, then, it is becoming at ease with your light and learning what to do with the power of your light.

If you’re in an in between place, keep going. Your light is trying to come through even stronger and more radiant, free of the filters you’re feeling right now. Keep evolving.

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