Grander Dream

The messengers of a grander dream at work in you can be excitement, vision, joy, peace and so on. From there we leap wholeheartedly into our next phase. The messengers can also be fear, anxiety, chaos, feeling scattered, things just not working or flowing, or being awakened to what’s really going on in your life that hits you hard.

Fear can be our ally if we listen to what it’s really saying. Often its message is pointing to a grander dream. Not to scare us out of our current one, but to keep us from living too small a life, too small a self. To help us see we have completed where we are and to welcome the creation-arrival of our new reality.

Is there a step you’ve been thinking about taking? Something in the back of your mind, something in your intuition, something right in front of you, a feeling you’ve been ignoring thinking there are linear steps to be made? Have you come to the completion of a phase of your life?

Inside you may be thinking you can’t afford it, or that it is too good to be true, or you can’t reconcile the gap between where you are and the leap you want to take, or you feel scattered, confused, you don’t know how you’d make it, or you think you’ll have to make big sacrifices to make it work.

Fear can make it look like the wise decision is to wait. Our egos are bound to keep us small, when the greater truth behind the fear is the creative urge to trust. Sages through the ages have reminded us, like Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, that Providence moves with us when we move.

Sure, there are times we need to gather a few more puzzle pieces, save more money, gain more internal ground. We can also swirl around in the eddies of our puzzle pieces for the rest of our lives.

Well examined fear can be the ironic guide to step on and ride the waves of our epiphanies that have already arrived, intuitive subtleties that guide us into the unknown with what we need next arriving along the way—courage, relationships, love, money, clarity, bliss…. Trust. Let fear be your ally dissolving into its true message, your next grander dream.

~Shelley Hawkins

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