The Tapping Solution
Learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

I cannot imagine coaching without putting energy transformation tools in the hands of those I work with. With energy, there are no sacred cows. What is not true falls away so that what is true can emerge. Transform your perspective. Don’t know how to do EFT?

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Changing The
Vibration Of Food
Radio Interview

Join us as Dina Proctor,
of Madly Chasing Peace,
interviews me on Blog Talk Radio
about what it means to change
the vibration of food.

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Want to thrive in your business?
Hire your intuition!

In my interview with Michael Knouse on “The Startup Sessions” I’ll show you how to leverage your intuition to navigate your business with ease and joy. This show is overflowing with incredible insights and knowledge on how to harness the power of your intuition to achieve amazing results.

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soulNews For The Soul
Radio Show

Listen in to the archived sessions of my former radio show on News For The Soul Radio. Are you building a conscious business? Are you mindful about the work you do? Is there something you would like to transform that is in your way or holding you back? Listen in and gain insights while others experience freedom and AHA moments.

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Interview with
Kim Boudreau Smith
of LeadHer

Listen to them talk about your business and life as a work of art, getting to the soulful depth of your true “why” in business, your relationship with money, embracing change, and their collaborative author experience in the book anthology, Hot Mama in High Heels: 30 day tips to rock your world as a woman.

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Interview: Boise Radio 89.9
Chew On This
hosted by Kim Metez

What do energetic emotional blocks in the body/mind have to do with what’s in the way of your success?

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Elaine Torrance

Gingrich Interview:
Your Play Ethic™

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Dr. Leroy Little Bear

Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science:
Contrasts and Similarities
Banff Center, Inspiring Creativity

Donna Eden Daily Energy Routine

Increase your vitality, mental clarity, balance emotions, hormones, learn easier, clear brain fog and ground. Enjoy the responsibility for your energy hygiene and vitality.