For Yourself

The essence of you is always listening. Not so much to what you’re doing, but that you are doing it and the why you hold at your core, whether you are aware of your authentic why or not.

You send a message to yourself, the soul of you, your essence, more by the courage, the bravery, the commitment, the integrity you have to act than in the outcome of your action.

“Don’t stop risking yourself just because you might miss,” said David Whyte, poet.

Go all in. Going all in is the energy that moves us to the next thing.

I have Mother Teresa’s voice intertwined through my mind with my father’s at this moment. Mother Teresa is noted for her “Anyway” poem, though apparently it was written by Kent M. Keith, that reminds us that come what may, build, love, teach, live anyway, because you are adding to the essence of life in form and non-form.

I was little when I remember dad teaching me to always “work for myself,” meaning to live by an internal standard that was ungoverned by anything external.

You’re really always working for yourself. Volunteer, entrepreneur, employed, parent, adventurer, lover. It’s your standards, your integrity, your sense of joy and fulfillment that are in your charge. You’re always creating and contributing to the whole, deliberately or by default.

Whatever you’re in, working on, building, playing, including the in between, go all in. For however far you go with it ~the better you build ~ the greater self you become for your next arrival.

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