The challenges of our lives are really evidence of our capacities, not our inadequacies– our soul’s beckoning to rise and shine, to relax and play, to love and be loved.

 It has “been a year” for many of us. A year of grief and people we love passing on, exhilarating heights and adventures, success beyond our expectations, joy that is deep and touching, healing of deep wounds and perceptions.

 When I observe the lives of my clients, my friends, and myself experiencing variations of these, I’ve come to a new kind of awe for what we’ve come to learn and be, the experiences we choose. Our subconscious will search for answers through our experiences until we discover them and liberate ourselves, to see our way onward. A client commented this week, “I can’t imagine not doing this,” (meaning working together).

 Our challenges are not to demonstrate our weaknesses, but to show us with an oh-my-god kind of awe, look at how amazing we are—you and me. We don’t have to see it. We often miss it. Some even refuse to see it and live destructively. But a simple shift in the eyes we see with changes the potential.

 May you look today at your life and the lives of others with new awe at all that you’ve learned, are learning, and are yet to learn. It changes the future for all of us.

~Shelley Hawkins

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