Eternal Horizon

You are an Eternal Horizon…

Thankfully we discovered that the earth isn’t flat, it’s round, which gives us a perfect metaphor for constant horizons. For more than 50 years now, astronomers have been observing the universe as constantly expanding, without creating more space.
You are, too. What’s important is that you are very clear about what you really want in life because your expansion follows your lead, however you are leading or not leading your life. You are constantly crossing new horizons with the possibility of engaging latent potentials.

In every self-development and spiritual philosophy, you find the same idea expressed…you are the change you seek…transform yourself by the renewing of your mind…you are everything you need…change your thoughts, change your life…

We are so connected, that connection itself is almost an inaccurate description because it implies that there is first separation. We are one, coming from the same place and at the same time individual and separate to express different aspects of the one.

It is fascinating that we can be one and completely unique, having very different experiences, at the same time. All the material and nonmaterial aspects of your life are governed by how you interact with this truth.

Like Bruce Lipton reminds us, we are billions of cells acting together as our own bodies and we are billions of cells, approximately 7 billion at the moment, acting together as a body of humanity, of life really. If one cell decides to become a cancer, it can affect the whole body. But if the other cells decide to become healthy and vibrant, the cancer cannot be sustained.

You are a body made of cells and you are a cell of a greater body.

The difference, the impact, the contribution (whatever you choose to call it) that you seek to make is made here, from the connection you have with yourself and this life within you and all around you.

Who you are and who you become matters. Discovering and being who you truly are matters. You are an eternal horizon. How are you leading your expansion?

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