Creating from Contentment…

I laughed, “what you’re telling me is you haven’t created from contentment before and you’re not sure what to do with it…yet.” “Yes!” she said.

Mary, not her real name, is familiar with competition, accomplishment, security, volunteerism, obligation, duty, anxiety, sheer drive… as her motivators.

Contentment is her new companion. She felt still and unsure. She’s engaging the unknown (where everything “new” is actually created) from contentment, with her old companions dissolved in the energy transformed from all angles in her life. She was already successful. Already leading. Already a respected member of her community. Already spread thin. Already in a routine. Already prosperous. Already creating.

She wanted something different, phenomenal, deeper, fulfilling, intentional, internally peaceful, on purpose, secure… She knew she was working a lot harder than she wanted to. She wanted to take her work, her love life, all aspects of her life to new places. To true joy. And so she is.

Creating usually moves through phases of growth beginning with moving from default to deliberate creation. This is waking up to the fact that we are creating all the time and learning to do it intentionally, deliberately, purposefully, playfully. As we grow, we learn to refine the subtleties of where default still hides out in our lives.

Changing why we create is another phase, such as moving from unconscious motivators as the reasons for our devotion to a cause or our future. Free of these, we feel quite light. Our “why” comes increasingly from true contentment, peacefulness, unlimited possibility, plenty, love, safety, playfulness, connection and ultimately… how good can it get?

We learn to feel what it’s like to create without the false stimulation, like a drug, of our old motivators.

Another phase of growth as we transform our energy is the source we draw from, such as deeper wells of sheer love for life and self, authenticity, contentment, gratitude, unreasonable joy, oneness with universal source, true compassion. Sure, we have “enough” from this place, but creation never stops, so neither do we. Creators are undeterred by enough and know there is plenty more to create, to become, to unfold. When we no longer have beliefs and energy to transform, we’ll be on the other side.

I have defined responsibility here in this blog many times as creative. Responsibility = creative. Crossing thresholds of growth as creators begs the question, then, of how much we’re willing to be responsible for as creators? What are we willing to be catalysts of? How much of our life purpose are we willing to blissfully unfold? How much of our conditioned nature, our past, are we willing to truly dissolve into a new experience of ourselves in the quantum?

Many of you are on thresholds where so much has changed and you’re looking at what to do next. Life may be overwhelmingly good. Some things aren’t “working” anymore…because you’ve outgrown them! Some of you are contented and reveling in the lavishness of your life. Relax and Create. Repeat.

Celebrate where you are and how far you’ve come. Breathe. Relax. Revel with the ones you love. And create from there. Liberate yourself energetically from the unseen vows, obligations, perspectives of yourself that would love to play out as energies of opportunity, a greater world, a greater self, and love instead.

You’re movers and shakers.People of leadership, light, vision, optimism, unreasonable joy, possibility, who love to push the limits and edges of life in some way to grow, to become greater as athletes, creators, business people, mystics, skiers, teachers, lovers, partners, healers, friends, in quantum reality, and adventure, to name a few.

The universe loves the energy of contentment to fuel the magic of creating what comes next. Get as clear as you possibly can on what you wish to create. Find the places you’re hiding from yourself, and play with the energy to draw new life toward you. It may be instant. You may have some transformation ahead of you that collapses time and space into a new form. This is what you’re here for.

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