Intuitive Business Mentoring

Finding your way here tells me you’ve likely been on your version of the heroine’s or hero’s journey. There is something inside calling you to craft your work, your relationships, your life in a new way.

Here’s what’s true. Your passion never leaves you. It will find its way to expression through sorrow and struggle as much as through gut-splitting laughter, ease, and accomplishment.

Your destiny is always wooing you to create it. Destiny’s edge is discovering the synchronistic path where you discover the bliss of the life that Joseph Campbell describes as waiting for you all along.

My life’s work is liberating your creative genius, the genuine that you are uniquely here to express that has been with you all along. I work like a Business Mystic, for syncing with and crafting the life that wants you as much as you want it.

Being in business is one of the most creative opportunities you will have ~ to evolve yourself and your life’s work. It will draw on all your strength and courage as well as your doubt.

Being you seems like it would be the easiest, most obvious way to be. Yet conditioning factors around us, life experiences, and ideas about what is unchangeable tend to move us away from the passion of makes us come alive.

Come with me on a journey to untamed places– inside yourself, your work, and your relationships–to craft your business and your life extraordinary from within, the core of your inner wisdom.

Reignite your intuition, master it for living your extraordinary life; generate your radical self trust, your creative perspective that the rest of us can’t wait to warm ourselves by and translate it into this 3-D world for implementation.

Dissolve the ways you hold back what you have to give, whether you call that playing big, or simply playing, that gives rise to powerful and strategic action.

My mentoring style includes a direct and compassionate, revelatory style into your liberation, rooted and expansive self-discovery, and creative expression of your genius. You will experience my laser accurate intuitive insight, energy transformation internally and externally that moves you and the change you seek at warp speed in consciousness and 3-d implementation, integrating your inner freedom with your outer world.

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3 month 1:1 Immersion:

  • You’re a creative force in the world and ready to reignite that light.
  • Experience the strength to be you in the world in a way you haven’t been before.
  • Dismantle the misalignments in your life from relational patterns, to the business you’re in, to unfinished regrets and wounds. You’d be surprised what is affecting your business. I want to see you happy and soaring.
  • Uncover your unflappable self trust.
  • Liberate your creative genius
  • Develop a relationship with money that thrives you and your bank account
  • Significantly increase your happiness

6 month 1:1 Immersion:

  • You feel keenly that life is now and something is calling you to a new way
  • Let go of the compulsive drive and Master the intentional, soul-driven way of being in business
  • Foster rich and aligned relationships.
  • Skillfully navigate resistance as your ally to your evolving creative genius.
  • Dissolve your upper limits and fears of what you think you have to be or do.
  • Craft your business by intuitive strategy, with your strength and self-trust, into your truly unique expression.
  • Love your new way.
  • A dynamic partnership where your intentions become your “real life.”
  • Liberation from the patterns, identities, and ways you resist your own potential.
  • Make play central to your formula.
  • Build trust in yourself and your intuition as your true nature permeates your life, your work, and the way you create.
  • Know and live what truly calls you — what you are here for and what you are not.
  • Here’s to more of you in the world!


Your Soul in Business 1:1 Immersion:

  • Discover your Outer Element–the essence of what you give the world and what the world can’t get enough of from you.
  • Discover your Inner Element–what uniquely fuels and nourishes your Outer Element. Hint: it is the golden thread of the key pattern of pain and struggle in your life. And all along its been pointing to your strength.
  • Experience what each person does through Your Soul in Business–who they are and the ease, synchronicity, and power of creating their favorite work from here.
  • Be free of what holds you back from this clarity.
  • Stop pushing and creating from the false drives within you.
  • Know your passion as if for the first time.
  • A two-call “drop-in” experience or may be included in your 3 or 6 month immersion.


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“Shelley has this rare ability to combine the practical and mystical.
Whether you’re left brain or right brain, stuck in your head or in your heart, she can take you into the best in yourself, liberating you from what holds you back, and into where you want to go in your business and life. She is practical, profound, approachable, deep, analytical, highly intuitive, compassionate, light, creative, funny, and moves things forward.






























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