Changing the Vibration of Food 

  • What is happening in our food when a chef, a farmer, or a food producer loves what they do?

  • Can we go beyond the chemistry of what our food does for us to amplify our energy and vitality?

  • What kind of effect are we having unintentionally on our food and what kind of effect can we have deliberately?

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Changing the Vibration of Food looks at the application of quantum mechanics’ “nonlocal awareness”, and the “observer effect” as well as numerous studies on distant healing and intention to the way we feed ourselves. Then shows us how we can change the way our food feeds us from the beginning to the end of the food system through the coherence of our being, thought, and intention.

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Behind the Book

A few years ago I was having lunch with a new acquaintance while attending a conference in Los Angeles. I noticed that every time we sat down for a meal she would marvel aloud at how delicious it looked, how eager she was to dig in, and how delighted she was with the flavors.

It finally occurred to me this was her way of blessing the meal.

As an ongoing student and professional in the field of energy medicine,

I am passionate about the intersection of science and spirit and living an intentional life, often addressed in the quantum model of reality.

Shelley Hawkins, MS

Blessing or expressing gratitude for food is an ancient tradition in different forms in every culture. I wondered, is there anything physically happening to the food when we do this?

What could science add to this perspective, and what could the potential be for feeding ourselves well with so many conflicting interests in the world vying for power around food?

Changing the Vibration of Food is the result of that brief exploration for my thesis and completion of my masters degree in holistic nutrition in 2010.

Written in lay language, Changing the Vibration of Food explores controlled studies done on the power of intention from Tibetan monks blessing chocolate, to the subtle energies of healers sending intention for distant healings, to you in your kitchen making breakfast.

My interest in nutrition started young and was particularly piqued as a teenager when my dad healed himself from a disease through nutrition. Many years later, nutrition and organic foods combined with powerful energy healing became part of my own healing from a long term illness and lead to directing a non-profit organization of organic growers and consumers.

As we worked to build awareness for moving from an agri-culture to a food-culture, I immersed myself in studies about the value of grass-fed and wild game animal foods, local agriculture, preserving animal breeds, heirloom seeds, organic and sustainable growing methods, and the politics surrounding food.

I decided to bring these two worlds of energy and food together to explore the effect we have, or can potentially have, on our food from a vibrational perspective. What happens to food during our blessings or when we hold intentions? How does the quality of our consciousness effect the way our food feeds us?


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