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Tener Duende

Tener Duende is considered the hardest Spanish term to translate into other languages. Without a satisfactory English equivalent, it is loosely translated as having soul, or having duende. Used mostly in art, duende describes that something in a performance, an athletic event, or piece of art that takes us past the intellect, stirs us deeply, heightens the emotions, […]



I’m glad I didn’t grow up in the safety age. The age of helmets and multiple childhood safeguards. There’s something innately protective about the hubris fearlessness of those years.  Or maybe it is better described as a belief in life, in the flow of the alpha brainwave, before we learned doubt from the big people. […]



“The Genius at Your Station” “This was the best workshop ever. Seriously, ever.” ~Piper “This was amazing.” ~Lucious I taught a workshop this past week to a forward thinking salon, titled, “The Genius at Your Station”. They soaked it in, engaged spontaneous dialogue, and created new spaces individually and collectively as a Salon. Genius has nothing […]