The stories we tell ourselves about our experiences are the neurons we reinforce in our brains, the chemistry we create in our bodies and the future we cast with our consciousness.

It is not the event, the person, the place that shapes us. It is what we do with it, our interpretation of it, how we participate with it for our own good. Whether it moves us to judge ourselves or love ourselves; to reflect or deny, to contract or expand, to blame or create, to keep talking about it or transform ourselves and therefore the story or any need for it.

I had just come out of an inspiring lecture of quantum physics and expanding our consciousness when another couple who attended sat next to me on the outside patio. I asked the woman how she was while the man adjusted the chairs. She started to tell me a very detailed story of something awful that happened to her.

She wasn’t looking for a way to expand, she was looking for a place to deposit her pain so she could stay stuck. I stopped her and asked if this was a story of healing. I felt inspired from the lecture and that is where I wanted to stay. She wanted to keep going and frustrated and confused, said her friends didn’t want to listen to her either.

I offered her this. “When you are truly healed you will no longer need to tell the story.”

My friend arrived, ordered a glass of wine, and we started talking while the woman wandered to the edge of the patio and gazed out into the fall colored cottonwood forest and moonlit night. A few minutes later she came back and took my hand and said, thank you for that gift and your love to be willing to say that to me.

The story of her painful and traumatic experience can become a new version of stuck or allowed to help her shed the version of herself she had been to that point.

The worst and the best of our experiences are like river banks that we shape with the water (energy) that we are. Whether we are laid raw or find ourselves in ecstasy, we will have the opportunity to lean in and expand, to go numb, to transcend, to stay put or stuck for a while or a lifetime, to take on the perceptions of others, or drop the veils we’ve lived behind for protection.

The veils could as easily be accomplishment, ambition, loyalty or masks of joy and contemplation as they could be depression, anxiety, ego, hiding, and smallness. There is no judgment for what we choose. We created the veils. We can keep them or uncreate them. Either way we are loved. We simply choose our way of learning.

Cast your consciousness into the future you actually want to create by the stories you tell yourself about experiences, about your yourself. I’m not a fan of fake it till you make it, but that’s semantics for another blog. I prefer a grounded approach to casting a new future that’s honest about where you are so that you can transform it to its core.

Transmute the energy of your experience and your stories either disappear because they are no longer charged with the energy of pain. Or your stories become catalysts of expansion, wisdom, self-love, purpose, new futures, and the best thing that ever happened to you.

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