Being Known

Being Known…

My new favorite phrase is panta rhei. A close friend mentioned it the other day as Greek for “everything flows.” I love phrases like this in another language. In one of my houses, I had two phrases stenciled above the doorways. One was fair dinkum, an Australian slang phrase I’d heard Hugh Jackman use, for “authentic and true.” Another was C.A.V.U, an old naval term for “ceiling and visibility unlimited.”

A familiar concept in another language brings fresh perspective. Our brains take it in differently. Likewise, becoming known in new relationship, or a longtime relationship in constant renewal, brings fresh perspective to who you are. I’ve heard people refer to allowing someone to get to know you as agonizing, the vulnerability wearing.

Why not an adventure? Why not exhilarating, like a breath of fresh air in who you’re becoming? Why not playful, curious, a new perspective of yourself and of life, like a new trim on your sails to make the most of the wind?

If becoming known is wearing, then consider a couple of things. Who are you spending your time with? Where is there not a match? Where do you have your heels dug into the sand of life instead of loving and enjoying being who you are?

Everything flows is considered part of the philosophy of Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher of the late 6thcentury BC. He’s known for saying, “no man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

You and I are not the same person we were even a moment ago. To “know thyself” is a constant adventure. To be known and live in the loving curiosity of knowing is a constant adventure.

Vulnerability can be painful when we’re shedding aspects of ourselves that we’ve accumulated for survival and conditioning to previous environments. But you can be your own environment now and wisely choose and influence the environment you experience around you, to support your true nature as it emerges in your evolution, free of those previous survival idiosyncrasies and conditioning. Where vulnerability is part of the flow and you can play with realizing your greatest potentials each day.

The universe, and everything that is the universe (including you and I) is constantly expanding. Knowing and being known is expansion. Is your environment, internal and external, inviting you to come and play, with the integrity to honor what you bring to the table? To experience knowing and being known as the greatest adventure and unfolding of your brilliant true nature?

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