“The Genius at Your Station”

“This was the best workshop ever. Seriously, ever.” ~Piper

“This was amazing.” ~Lucious

I taught a workshop this past week to a forward thinking salon, titled, “The Genius at Your Station”. They soaked it in, engaged spontaneous dialogue, and created new spaces individually and collectively as a Salon.

Genius has nothing to do with IQ. The word comes from the latin root that refers to becoming who you were all along, as poet David Whyte puts it.

Deanna, the owner of this amazing space and creation is diving headlong into her purpose as an empath devoted to the authentic expression of the people she serves; contractors, clients, loved ones. It’s not her usual linear path of business, which had grown stagnant and stressful. 

Five years ago she had an awakening that wouldn’t let her deny her abilities any longer. I’m guessing you’re familiar with that experience, too. 

She started flirting with the usual elements. Is this the right career for me? Should I move spaces? Should I teach? Should I open a second location? Do social media? All the linear type questions that bounce us along the surface, unable to give us lucrative answers, and avoiding the transformation that is really knocking from the unseen. Ourselves. 

The last few months she’s been looking at this vehicle to express her purpose, called her business, transforming what she is not from within and becoming the woman her intentions are drawing her to be. We created a treasure map, setting intentions for our course, transforming within and around her what was dissonant as her business and life mirrored it back. As we did, the practical elements of her company and life started showing up to participate. 

Sometimes it looks like things are falling apart. And they are. Because they must in order to make room for something greater. Sometimes they just fall into place. Her lease, team members, teaching, time, joy, ease, and oh yeah, getting married.

It’s meant a fast moving evolution of her company and an indescribable sense of wholeness and integration for every part of her life that she couldn’t reach before. The pace, the type, and ease of change in her business is completely different and moved into flow and ease. 

I think the entire cosmos relaxes and throws an all out celebration, when we own our true capacities.

Her company is a place of evolution now—for herself, for her clients, and for those who contract to work there, however long they choose to stay. Arabella will be to them a place of infusing their genius with the encouragement to be developed and expressed. And clients who come get to be part of this vortex. I love this work.


~Shelley Hawkins

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