Argue Not

Argue not for Your Light, It’s already Yours…

One of the more significant phrases one of my clients used years ago in reference to our work was, “I realize I no longer need to chase my significance.” This is it, to connect with our existence in such a way to realize it is meaning enough. Everything else is details.

Here’s what I’m not saying, that everything else is meaningless. Instead that the meaning, understanding, experience, growth and expansion in any and every area of our lives is meant to come from, and be informed by, this core sense of existential meaning—knowing who we are and feeling connected with ourselves.

“Our purpose is to remove the veils, the habits, the conditioning between our connection and ourselves.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

When my client got this not-so-little morsel — that her existence itself is plenty and there is nothing she need do to prove it, earn it, meditate for it, or work her tail off for — her whole relationship to herself, her business, wealth, and the rest of her life changed. When she was no longer arguing (with herself) for her light, she was no longer hunting it down in overworking, over pleasing, protection, and a jaw-tensed view on life.

Where we source our connection from determines the depth and health and wealth of our relationships; whether we invest to thrive, to give, to become, to build a vital life to share, to revel. Or whether we invest to survive, sacrifice, fill space, avoid being alone, for obligation, approval, security, or to avoid judgment.

The latter will produce a lot of he-said-she-said. Arguing for your light. Wondering why they don’t want you, won’t communicate, are unavailable, refuse their light, or whatever your pattern of experience is that ties up your energy. You will likely find yourself looking into a mirror of who you are not, though it may be who you are being in that moment.

The former will make energy available for more creating and you find yourself dancing with ever-greater possibility with the Field and eventually with someone who can’t wait to create it with you.

“It is a rebellious act to live from your wholeness,” said Parker Palmer, a quote I keep on my homepage. Our experience is as great as the consciousness with which we create it. The more we seek and cultivate that inner connection, with the light that we already are, shedding the trivia, details, and veils of what we are not in our inner and material worlds, the more vibrant our life becomes in every way in our inner and external world as well.

You cannot be in protection and growth at the same time. To move forward is to choose. Liberate the frozen energy that has kept you arguing for your light in your unique ways and you liberate the unknown to dance with you, to surprise you, to affirm and mirror who you really are.

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