Our lives are really like a holographic image projected onto a screen from our own minds. As we change our minds (our internal environs) the image changes. The characters on our stage, then, the experiences of our lives, are all there by our own design, agreements, and evolution, playing different roles as part of one life. When we begin to see that everything is “for” us in this way, that we participate with everything and everyone until we internally complete our purpose for creating it, shifting the way we relate to ourselves, we become architects of the impossible.

 I was inspired by the movie The Biggest Little Farm the other night. The story follows a dream being fulfilled. Watch it if you have any interest in such things at all. Or you simply want to feel good, be inspired, and be reminded of the amazing things happening in this world.

 The ecosystem of the farm saved it during the drought in California. And the ecosystem of the farm saved it during the floods when the world around them was experiencing the hardship, damage, and loss of the extremes. 

I was later thinking about the ecosystem of our minds and hearts – in each individual and together — what must weave and work together to thrive through extremes from a new consciousness, to be the eye of the storm, to be architects of the impossible with intention, with beingness, regardless of the belief around you. 

 We need the metaphorical cover crops within us and between us that nourish and anchor our soil, water, animals, plants, pests, beneficial insects, predators, microbacteria, compost — in order for us to create the impossible. We must surround ourselves with the best, to nourish our passion, to examine our thoughts, patterns and beliefs and become familiar with what we’ve attached ourselves to in order to rise—including ideas that seem very “true”—all while knowing it’s perfect as it is.

 You can look at anything in your life like a hologram on a screen and discover the reasons you created it. Joy is an obvious one. What about the challenging characters? What are you learning? Would it be okay to complete those projects? To claim your gains, your wisdom, believe in yourself and have a new experience? It could mean a business model, a relationship pattern, your bitterness around money, guilt, carrying other’s energies, health, using optimism to cope instead of thrive, opening new realms of creative possibility. Architecturally speaking, I’d say yes.

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