All Directions

All Directions…

I’m sure if I asked you right now, you could rattle off a list of what you value. Connection, you might say. Beauty. Service. Freedom. Depth. Evolving. Strength. Integrity. Bliss. Play. Kindness. Peace. Vibrant health. Spirituality. Challenge. Prosperity. Creativity. Family. Friendships. Nature. And so on.

Renewing what it is you value renews the meaning of what you’re doing. And meaning, with the fulfillment it can bring, is what it is all for. Carl Jung spoke of meaninglessness being equivalent to illness, inhibiting the fullness of life. Viktor Frankl wrote of meaning as essential for surviving the concentration camps. David Bohm, Physicist and author saw meaning as essential to our health. For ultimately, the world we experience is not separate from our own consciousness.

“Learning to more consciously exercise our power of giving meaning to our experience enables us to creatively paint our world with meaning that enriches it in ways that are more in alignment with—and thereby feeds—who we are.”~ Paul Levy, The Quantum Revelation

Make meaning in every direction of your life by connecting with yourself and the kind of woman, man, human being you intend to be, which is a way of connecting with your true nature. For example, make a list of what you value. Not simply goals or intentions. What meaning and values govern who you are and the life you lead as an uncle, a father, a lover, a man, a woman, an auntie, a mother, a leader, a coach, an athlete, a doctor, an assistant, a jewelry maker, an entrepreneur, a healer, an executive, an adventurer.

Choose what you value in every area of your life. Not what you think you should value. What you truly feel within your own body, what lights you up, touches you, energizes you. Be specific. And perhaps synthesize it to a few particular meaning making values that run as the nourishing undercurrent of every area and role in your life.

I’m sure many of you, as have I, have done this many times and some will do it for the first time. Remind yourself because we are constantly co-creating and morphing meaning by what and who we are interacting with. When moving fast through great shifts as we are, and especially if you are engaged consciously in evolving your life, these renewals help us keep pace with ourselves, inside and out. Your perspective of freedom changes, for example. Marriage and divorce and big events change you. Your standard for bliss. Your definition of prosperity or depth.

Then look at where you are in integrity with them. If you value depth, for example, are you comfortable with the freedom of emotion? Strengthening your vulnerability? Faithful in your relationships? Who are you surrounded by? Is your language and communication, services, your actions, schedule, and priorities building depth? Is it creating the experience you want to have?

We don’t always know how to align ourselves. Simply the intention toward your meaning will bring opportunity to your door. Both those that affirm where you are and those that affirm where you are out of alignment. The universe really does have your back.

Experience the creative vitality this brings to your life. It shifts you from doing for doing’s sake. Directing you through great shifts and changes, such as the cusp of divorce into new beginning, learning from what has been, the life you intend to create now; discerning and growing new platforms in your business or shifting it from chaos, scarcity, ego or timidity to coherence and increase; growing from superficiality to the depth of life you really want to live; from overwhelm to flow; from status quo to the “something greater” you’ve felt calling you.

Your undercurrent of values will feed your meaning and expansion in every direction at once. As leaders of your own lives as well as others, it is especially essential to remain tuned in to the movement within yourself as well as the greater movement all around you to lead, drive, move, be in concert with the potentials at work for creating something greater…playfully…and in all directions.

Live Yourself Extraordinary,

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