“Genius is becoming 
who you were all along.”
~David Whyte, Poet

Shelley Hawkins is a sought after and gifted intuitive business advisor, author, healer and teacher who is known for her ability to merge the mystical and the practical, intellect and heart, for her unique brand of directness and compassion, in business, relationships and vitality.

With a particular skill for seeing the core of a vision while liberating the mind-body-spirit of the identities, traumas, and limitations that are no longer useful, Shelley has been a trusted mentor in thousands of sessions and teaching workshops for men and women invested in their greatness, in a conscious perspective, in the quantum principles for transforming themselves, their companies, and organizations.

Shelley’s clients and students rave about their freedom, vision, focus and productivity, clear direction, innovation and creativity, ease with money, flourishing business, fulfilling relationships, peace, joy, vitality, self-trust, intuitive development, and their ability to embrace their unique abilities as change-makers in every corner of “regular” life (re: executives, real estate agents, attorneys, techies, psychologists, financial advisors, acupuncturists, coaches, adventurers, doctors, parents, and artists), while energizing a new world.


Your Soul in Business…

I created Your Soul in Business live retreats after a client said, “you have got to teach this stuff.” I created it for myself through my own business transitions and after an advisor asked me, “Shelley, what are you really in the business of?” I reverse engineered my discovery into a way of helping others discover the same.

Your Pivot Point

Unlike linear definitions and trainings of purpose, in Your Soul in Business I draw out with you the essence of what you give the world, what you deliver at your best. Whether you’re tucking your kids in at night or speaking to 10,000 people, this is who you are and it can take many forms in your lifetime and in the course of a day.

Sometimes very intentionally and sometimes imperceptibly, peoples lives and businesses have taken interesting, or radical, new directions as they shed confining, linear, and worn out perspectives of who thought they were, how to express their purpose,  heavy ideas of callings, saving the world, fears of their creativity, empathic abilities, and the ways they hold back.

Aligned inside and out with their core gift, and energized in the knowledge of their unique way to feed it, Your Soul in Business participants have created new companies, new lifestyles and directions, enoughness (one client said, “I’m no longer chasing my significance.”), changed the way they parent, and suddenly met the love of their life. I receive comments years later that insights continue to unfold in this understanding of themselves.

“Your soul in business is really about your soul in life!” ~K.B.


Your Soul in Business Retreat information here


changing-the-vibration-of-food-by-shelley-hawkinsChanging the Vibration of Foodmy upcoming book, explores our ability to change the way our food feeds us. I’ve incorporated the quantum science from my original thesis such as, the observer effect, entanglement theory, non local theory, subtle energy, and the unified field. Then explore what’s at the heart of the art of nourishment. Woven with stories from my years of living in a food culture with ranchers like, Maggie, nutritional perspectives, and my personal journey, Changing the Vibration of Food goes beyond the mechanics of nutrition to a “Nutrition 3.0.”

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monday-wisdomsMonday Wisdoms, Each Monday, I write an original ‘wisdom’ for my readers, as I have done since 2008. They are a short, pithy, thought designed to inspire your intentional, playful, creative, and powerful life.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 3.48.17 PMHot Mama in High Heels: Daily tips to rock your world as a woman; I am co-author of the best-selling anthology, with my feature: Destiny’s Edge: The life the wants you as much as you want it.

Numerous Published Articles:  include the Law of Attraction Magazine, North Star Family Magazine, The Startup Sessions, and Blogher.

Wake up calls and Background ~

I am deeply curious,
A sailor 
In love with sunshine, blue sky, wide-open spaces 

and arid places
Blissed by rich conversation and luxurious simplicity
Lover of the perfect word
Sprinter, explorer, athlete & vitality buff
An artisan foodie
Uncompromising when it comes to happy endings.

One of my wake up calls came early in my career as a graphic designer with the development of environmental illness. I made it my mission to heal, eventually leaving my job and much of my familiar life, with the intention of being healthy again.

Of course, those choices were the beginning of my transformation, providing a climate for self-discovery, new direction, and my life-school of true purpose.

Unable to maintain my previous leadership positions and life rhythm, my life became increasingly isolated. I dove deeper into my continuous studies in spirituality, meditation, personal growth, transformation, looking for how to heal.

Along the way, I directed and revived an organic farmer and consumer’s organization with a board of visionary organic farmers and ranchers, guiding their vision and strategic development, nonprofit status, monthly publication, grants, conducting special studies in marketing pastured poultry and federal programs, and development of membership.

I grew much of my own fruit and vegetables for twelve years and developed a food-culture lifestyle buying or bartering for my grassfed beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, eggs and sustainably raised veggies from ranchers and farmers who became my friends.

After healing and experiencing the liberation of potential — physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally — through energy technologies, I immersed myself in training and studying energy psychology and personal potential. I returned to my business roots starting my business in 2005 while earning my masters in holistic nutrition.

In addition to The Self Connection, you will find me sailing, dancing, hiking, running, snowshoeing, adventuring outdoors, savoring delicious food, being with friends and family, enjoying rich conversation, meditating, studying our quantum world and spirituality, reading, enjoying the arts or discovering a new adventure.

Certifications, degrees, and trainings include:

  • Masters (M.S.) in Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health
  • Thesis: Changing the Vibration of Food
  • Bachelors (B.S.) in Business, communications, and design at George Fox University
  • Studied graphic design at Clark College
  • Certified Theta Healer® and Instructor
  • Tapping Expert since 2004 (EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Techniques including masters trainings in business, addictions, relationships, and dis-ease. Taught training workshops.)
  • Energy Psychology since 2004
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation
  • Access Consciousness Bars®
  • Quantum Touch®
  • Allergy Antidotes laser technology
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Heart Centered Marketing and Business Building
  • Eden Energy Medicine Energies of Love
  • Science of Energy Healing®
  • Playing the Matrix
  • Studies with Carolyn Myss, IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)