Clients often comment, I want to spread your work around. How do I explain what you do?

Liberation. They drop into such a natural way of being themselves words feel insufficient – old identities built on outdated concepts, work that fills their time and not their hearts, conditioning, patterns, blocks, physical challenges, traumas, ways of relationships–dissolve so that their true nature organically becomes the place they vision and create from.

Create. They author their lives, their businesses, and their relationships from this organic and intuitive place within themselves. It’s amazing what we “know” when we’re not looking through constricting filters! The strategies, the structures needed, the direction. It takes them to new vistas of their potentials. They learn to leave the linear ways they have created, to play with what is really possible for their lives and make it their new reality.

Flow. Learning to find and live in the current of their own life is exhilarating, to become attuned to the dynamics of ebb and flow, to use resistance as their signal for moving into their new optimum, and to play with energy alchemy together in our partnership and on their own to dissolve and expand the leading edge of their business, their purpose, and all of their life.

The Self Connection was born here,
where we come alive.

For over ten years as an intuitive business coach, best-selling author and speaker, I’ve provided expert guidance and energy alchemy in matters of personal transformation, purpose, business, and nutrition.

My clients are high creatives, adventurous spirits who value beauty, depth, and freedom to their core; possibility thinkers, leaders, deeply sensitive, visionaries, and edge-dwellers, including top real estate agents and financial advisors, healers, parents, outfitters, attorneys, ranchers, writers, yogis, techis, coaches, contractors, entrepreneurs, artists, and doctors. When they tell me, “I don’t do things the way other people do,” I know there’s a great conversation before me.

In their work with me they have:

  • Multiplied their income, their productivity and their happiness
  • Discovered their true gifts and purpose–and what is not!
  • Left or transformed businesses and jobs that no longer fit to do what they love
  • Dropped conflict and created innovative collaboration within their work team
  • Met the love of their life or sparked a new way in their current relationship
  • Developed Flow and synchronicity
  • Transformed trauma they thought they had to live with to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • Ignited vibrancy and authenticity in their professional and personal relationships
  • Realized their enoughness, felt at home in their own skin, and stopped chasing their significance
  • Created a thriving work culture
  • Rejuvenated their creative fire and love for life
  • Freed themselves from pasts, concepts, and a current life they thought were unchangeable
  • Became pregnant against the odds
  • Learned to trust themselves to lead and evolve their business and lives from their inner core of wisdom.

Author. I have published my Monday Wisdoms™ since 2008. You can now purchase them in a deck of cards and spread the inspiration around. My upcoming book is Changing the Vibration of Food (join the announcement list here and receive your free first chapter or pre-purchase to have it automatically sent to you when it is published this Fall). I am featured in the best-selling anthology, “Hot Mama in High Heels: Daily tips to rock your world as a woman”; and published in the Law of Attraction magazine, the Startup Sessions, and Blogher.

I am a certified Theta Healing® Teacher, EFT®/Tapping/Energy Psychology Expert since 2004, earned my Masters in Holistic Nutrition, my Bachelors in business, communications, and design, and have trained with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

My other loves in life include sprinting and fitness, hiking in wide open arid vistas, sailing, artisan and creative whole foods, my puppy love, River, traveling, outdoor music, beautiful environments, gardening, reading, my friends and family, celebrating, and rich conversations.




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