“You’re not starting from scratch…”

   Business and healing may seem like unlikely bedfellows at first. In fact we typically stay far away from the word with a misconception of its powerful role in every interaction. “Healing is not a return to original form,” said Dr. Christine Page. And what are we doing in business if not to create change that takes us beyond any previous form? In the way we experience a flavor, the software we develop, the people we serve and the lives we change.
    Infinite possibilities, potentials, of what can be in any situation, in any moment, already exist. All we do is drop in and tune in to become catalysts in our own lives and the lives of those we serve as empathic leaders and influencers in our relationships, our companies, our bodies, and the planet.
April, my client, was taking pictures of her client’s family cabin on the lake when he suddenly jumped up and hugged her, thanking her for taking care of this place where they have so many family memories. The family had been working with a realtor who focused on selling the cabin without taking care to connect with the cabin or the people who lived in it, the meaning it held, and the significance of letting it go.
   Their kids connected them with April who sees through the eyes of connection. She is visionary and profoundly intuitive in the way she connects people with houses and houses with people. It makes her extremely good at what she does as the top in her region and a word of mouth business.
She’s been selling real estate for almost two decades, but it’s the last few years that mean the most to her. “This is what I’m here for,” she said with tears in her eyes as she told me the story. “I’m so grateful to you for all that we’ve done in our work together, that I get to do what I love and work with people like this. Real estate is the vehicle she gets to use to hang out in what comes easiest to her—connection and care—connecting with her clients, connecting them with a true home, and a foundation that sets the stage for a happy life.

~Shelley Hawkins

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