Wait, can I really do this? Who is that up ahead? He looks like someone I should know. When did she become so good at THAT? I look so content.

It’s one of those weird, miraculous and true concepts that science tries to explain for us in quantum theory. That you already exist in your future state, in fact, in many versions of yourself at once. Yep, you are already there even while you are here and you can see and feel you breathing, moving, building, inventing, playing, loving, sailing, healed, fit, laughing, climbing, traveling…

Contented or restless, we’re born and re-born to grow. To trust ourselves with something greater. To hop off our self-made grid, or the collective grid, and be impelled to choices—simple and grand—we wouldn’t have made before.

Before what? Before you imagined you in the future outside what is happening right now—tomorrow, 6 months, 30 years, or on your epitaph. Imagination and trust are a brilliant alchemy, the molecules of creation that breed mental pictures, visceral feelings, synchronicities and practical action.

Your imagination and trust, your gratitude, contribute to the future of all of us. Yeah, we’re still each in charge of and create our own destinies. And yours contributes to mine as well as mine to yours.

So you, the aware one, what will your future self choose today? You know, the me that isn’t quite yet, but already is.

~Shelley Hawkins

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