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flowerAny door you choose to walk through first—business, a new creative direction, relationships, money — we’re really playing with all of them at the same time. The patterns, defeats, and limitations you dissolve and the doors you open in one area, you open in every area of your life.

As my clients describe, while focused on an aspect of their business, their body healed or the love of their life showed up. While creating a new relationship with money and dissolving the old one, while making play a priority, their business grew, their joy increased, and they realized an in-their-bones enoughness.

While freeing themselves of internal barriers and traumas of the past they thought were over and had “nothing to do with their business,” their direction became clear, they felt alive, their relationships became richer, their branding and new direction became clear, their income multiplied, and opportunities they had been trying to “make” happen came knocking.

Instead of a traditional coaching model, you’re focused on transforming the internal drivers that prevent you from thriving rather than modifying external details hoping for internal change that lasts. I feel internal calm around my purpose and assurance of my core gift personally and professionally. I have clarity and focus on what I’m here for and what I’m NOT here for. I structure my business, now, around my purpose instead of my purpose around my business and use my power of intuition to direct me toward what is congruent with who I am. A new way! I am EXCITED about what is falling into place and what I get to create in my next 20 years in business.”

Nancy Retsinas, Collaborative Attorney & Mediator
Retsinas Collaboration & Mediation

Mentoring Opportunities

Core Freedom Session

60 – 90 minutes

When you want to dive in, breakthrough, and gain insight on a specific challenge then the Core Freedom Session is for you.

This powerful, in-depth coaching and transformation session is effective at any stage of your business and self evolution and will take you to the core of most any aspect you are ready to address.

By the end of our time together, you will have gained insight, liberation and creative direction forward.

  • 1 hour to 90 minute phone or Skype session
  • Phone sessions include MP3 recording sent to you by email
  • You want to dip your toe before immersing yourself in a longer investment
  • You’re familiar with this level of collaboration and energetic transformation, you need break through, a tune-up, or a creative leap.

Clicking the button below will take you to the Contact Page where you can make the selection of your interest. Please include a message your intentions with your phone number and email.

We will contact you to schedule your Complimentary Discovery Conversation. In the call, I want to hear what you want to create and how I can help. I’ll answer any questions you have and share how I work and we can determine if we are the best fit.

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Your Soul in Business 1:1:

Know what you give the world, what your best clients, patients and friends can’t get enough of and learn to live your life from there!

In addition to the live Your Soul in Business Retreat, I offer Your Soul in Business as 1:1 consultations for those around the world or who simply prefer a 1:1 experience.

In this 1:1 opportunity, through your questionnaires, coaching, and energy liberation I’ll guide you to discover your core gift, the essence of what you give the world at your best. (Outer Element)

We’ll dissolve the ways you fear, hide, or misunderstand your gift, and your unique way to nourish and develop it.

You’ll feel it viscerally when we discover it together. Most people describe it like a buzz in their core, something leaps inside, or tears come to their eyes.

For many, their greatest “ahas” come with the discovery of their Inner Element, what uniquely feeds your gift. This comes from a common thread of pain or struggle you’ve had in your life that has all along, been pointing to your strength.

You’re gift is intrinsic to you. It will take many forms throughout your lifetime and even in the course of a day. You already express it without realizing it. We’re going to help you do it on purpose, and create your life and business around it. It is there with your best clients, tucking your kids in at night, the speech you gave, at dinner with friends, and recreating in the outdoors.

With awareness of your core gift and how to uniquely flourish it, your life and business start to form around this awareness and you then have the choice to dare to thrive deliberately from this place.

Learn your core gift (your Outer Element); what uniquely feeds it for you (your Inner Element); and begin to thrive there deliberately, making your choices according to this plum line.

As an individual purpose seeker, entrepreneur, or business owner, take yourself on this journey of awakening.


  • Questionnaires sent to you by email that will give us the information we need for both your Outer Element and your Inner Element
  • Your 90 minute Mentoring call where we determine your Outer and Inner Elements through coaching, dialogue using the questionnaires, and intuitive energetic transformation opening your way and dissolving internal barriers you’ve held to your abilities.
  • MP3 of our call sent to you by email
  • Additional 30 minute follow-up call within 2 weeks of your 90 consultation.

Clicking the button below will take you to the Contact Page where you can make the selection of your interest. Please include a message that includes your desires for our partnership together with your phone number and email. We’ll contact you to schedule your Discovery conversation.

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Intentional Creative Immersion:

3 Month & 6 Month Immersions:


  • You know you’re not here to live by default. You’re invested in living your unique purpose and expression–“…you’re one wild and precious life”, as Mary Oliver so eloquently described.
  • You’ve likely done a lot of work in personal, professional and spiritual development.
  • You’re at a pivot point, dissatisfied with your work or an aspect of your life, or simply ready for new direction.
  • You get that the more you become your true nature, the more you energize a new world.
  • You’re looking for something evolutionary that is accelerated as well as compassionate.
  • Nothing else has worked.
  • You have gifts and abilities you’re not sure what to do with and you want to learn to use them effectively in your everyday life.
  • Maybe you’ve been through a lot and are ready for the deep and radical change that translates your inner joy and liberation to great new choices, purpose, prosperity, and relationships.
  • You are ready to energetically liberate your true self — from  limitations perceptions, traumas, getting the wind knocked out of you, and inner glass ceilings and experience the energy that frees up for creating your life anew.
  • You’re responsible (creative and grounded), a visionary, a maverick and highly caring.
  • You have a message, a project, a new work, a transition you are moving through and need the support to move beyond conventional methods that aren’t working

Clicking the button below will take you to the Contact Page where you can make the selection of your interest. Please include a message of what you would like to change with your phone number and email. We’ll contact you to schedule a Discovery conversation.

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