What strengths will you have a year from now? In your body. Your mind. Your heart. Your relationships—lover, parent, child, spouse, uncle, aunt, friend, colleague, boss… Your finances. Your inner life or spirituality. Your business or livelihood? Your gifts and abilities? Your emotions? Laughter? In the many roles you play—director, volunteer, retiree, outfitter and guide, doctor, creative…? Your boundaries. Your knowledge? Your dreams and visualizations?

 What will you need to exchange for them? Habits? Relationships? Vision? Words and language? Reactions? Beliefs? Where you leak your energy? Complaining? Thoughts? Ways of being? Ignoring your intuition? Food? Location? Spending and saving? Rhythms? Self concepts?

 Weaknesses aren’t permanent. They’re malleable. Shape them into new form.

 If you were living at your full creative potential, what would you create next?

 Just wondering.

~Shelley Hawkins

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