With Abandon

I love piggyback rides. My nephews are all way bigger than me now, tall and strong. All I have to do is ask. Silly, I know. Piggyback rides make me feel alive, playful, and free. They’re on my list of essentials.

 Play was a theme in my client’s lives this week. One client’s assistant told her, you need to go away more often. The phone rings off the hook with new clients when you’re gone! Of course it does. She’s relaxed, feeling grateful, joyful, in the sun and in the flow. A higher vibe. We only think we have to work harder to connect with those looking for us.

 A friend and I recently went to Carmel during my visit to her place in California. When we hit the beach, I ran through the sand to jump and play in the waves. I didn’t realize she hadn’t seen that part of me until she mentioned later how much she enjoyed watching me.

 How could I have missed expressing this with her all this time, a part of me so essential to my being and how my life flows? Her remark was a mirror and brought me home to myself. I renewed my devotion to my joy in every moment, to make this core of myself what I feed and calibrate to, come what may in this life. I make much better choices from here even in the most difficult of circumstances.

 We tend to think we can’t be in our joy and challenge, too. Not so. Joy changes form in those times, but it is still a sustaining and powerfully calibrating root when we have cultivated it in our bodies and awareness. It’s a practice. And if we are not able to calibrate to this core, then we know shift is necessary.

 Sure, feel the grief, the sadness, the fear, the anger making you aware of your boundaries. That’s the only way to transform it and is a secret to a life of depth, genuineness, and lightheartedness. Do it all the while knowing your joy is a constant in your core like a calibrating magnet for new experience.

 Your playfulness will come through in so many ways unique to you… Fun-loving little tricks with someone you love. Skip during your walk. Snap your lover (softly)–or your mom–with the dish towel. Open the sunroof in the cold air and turn on the heat. Play hide and go seek with your dog. Buy a stranger an ice cream cone. Race to the park swing. Banter with the sales clerk.

 I find, though, that many have grown shells, or stiff places in our expressions like stiff joints in our bodies, around our sense of abandon. We needed them at some time in our lives, but they’re no longer useful keeping us tied to our habits, our chairs, our rhythms.

 It’s true that abandon from license is painful. But abandon from true freedom grows a better human; the inspiration that sets free the unconscious restraints we hold ourselves in spreading love in unexpected forms that penetrate our shells.

 I vote for freedom—yours and mine. It keeps me devoted to transformation and the playful abandon that is essential to the life of your work and business, to your relationships, to your vibrant body, to make this part of your daily life. It moves you into your heart, vision, innovation, genius (Latin for who you were all along), ability to influence, strength, prosperity, rest, and connection.

 Play with abandon.

~Shelley Hawkins
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