What changes in the people you work with that lights you up? 

Look beyond the new house, diploma, healing, mortgage, food, hairstyle, settlement, fitness, care, computer program, or business they have because of your contribution. What changed within them, too?

I was listening to, we’ll call her Ann, describe what was happening in her life. She sounded vibrant, cheerful, and then threw this one out, “I’m not happy in any aspect of my life—my job, being pulled back when I go out on my own, the people I’m surrounded by…”  She is having a visceral reaction to her job and wants to free herself to bring alive the dreams she left behind years ago at the insistence of family.

This very successful, vibrant person is excellent at making life happen, showing up, pushing through no matter what, doing what she thought she was supposed to, and living someone else’s dream for her life. And now, alongside her well-developed self-awareness she is feeling a new kind of courage… to listen to her own maverick and empathic soul yearning to express something very different and very true.

When I asked her the question above, “This sounds silly, but I want to help people live a better life.” I guarantee you, she is already doing that in her current job. But no one around her has the capacity to see or soak it in. They’ll use her talents as long as she is willing. She’s making six figures as a single mom.

But her will is calling her to the service of her own heart, the center of all creation…from which she will draw the wholehearted, wild souls who match her own.

Can you imagine Ann in the position of helping people live a better life as her business? If she brings that much life to her UNhappiness, imagine what she will bring to life alive with happiness, to a life she loves, and helping people live better lives? Her friends are inspired and feel better just being with her. And Ann feels energized being with them.

 Ann’s courage is for the sake of her own body, her own heart, her own prospering. Yes. And then for all the people eager to live a better life with her own brand of brilliance bursting at the seams of a new creation. 

~Shelley Hawkins

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