“We were made for this.”

This life is a vulnerable life, if you really want to live it. In order to be truly who we’re capable of being in this moment and the next, vulnerability will calibrate and recalibrate you to your integrity. 

We are as vulnerable in our passions as we are in our apologies; in our boundaries as in our openness because in each we are revealing ourselves. Yes!

Vulnerability allows us to free ourselves of what has gone before—the ecstasy as well as the adversity, the neutrality and the walls, the success and so called failures—so completely from its former representation in our minds, giving it back to life, that we are free to lean into the extraordinary (unique) selves we have yet to be. 

Everyday interactions and life events are opportunities to hang on or shed what is no longer true about us, returning to this all powerful vulnerable center that is natural and necessary if our life is to have any measure of depth, ecstasy, and meaning. 

We define and redefine it everyday with our wisdom and discernment, who we allow in, our laughter, the future we choose in each moment, where we send our responsibility, being silly, releasing yesterday’s roles, drawing our lines in the sand, being spontaneously playful, and how much life we allow to move through us.

Our hearts were made for this.


~Shelley Hawkins

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