I’m thinking of two quotes right now. The first is Marianne Williamson’s powerful and now pervasive quote that it’s not our darkness we’re scared of, it’s our light. But we hang out in the doorway between the two, with our backs leaning against the doorframe, looking to the old way, with the draw of its familiarity, ambition, happiness as well its conflict, habits, and history. Then turn our heads and gaze, leaning into the new way with its unknown and unfamiliar, people we haven’t met yet, uncharted territory, while feeling more ourselves than ever.

Status quo is so seductive. So is the light.

The second quote is Buckminster Fuller’s reminder that if you want to change an existing reality, create a new model that makes the old one obsolete—whether it’s a failed system, a broken cabinet, or a creaky relationship.

We build new universes within and around us by transforming what dims our light—what we surround ourselves with, how we eat, how we feed our creative juices, stories we repeat, where we live, choices we make, and perspectives we hold—and choosing our light, threshold after threshold.

We’ll definitely leave parts of ourselves and our lives behind as we lean through that doorway, but only to find that energy all around us in the new forms of our being more ourselves, joy, creativity, vitality, soulpod, and vision.

~Shelley Hawkins

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