The Year of the Heart: Your Play Ethic™

What if we had a play ethic instead of or in addition to a work ethic?

Dr. Leila Denmark retired at the age of 103 as America’s oldest practicing physician, and here’s what she had to say…

“Anything on earth you want to do is play. Anything you have to do is work. Play will never kill you but work will. I have never worked a day in my life.”

There is a decision we make about what we call work and what we call play. I have found the most difficult physical labor or recreation to feel like play, while the simplest office project could feel miserable. I have felt wonderful doing something completely for myself and felt miserable serving.

We grow up with a lot of supposed to’s and ideas about service, “real” work, laziness, paying our dues, doing our part, responsibility, obligation, purpose, and success. All of which can have their place, yet unfortunately have little to no relationship to who we are as individuals and teach us little of our inner world and how to listen to our own voice, the soul that guides us.

Functioning becomes priority to listening. But when we reverse that order, restoring our connection with ourselves, everything changes. Many people are waking up to this simultaneously as humanity moves through this great shift.

The answer to your personal play ethic™ is not simply to blur the lines between work and play in what already exists in your life, a more linear approach. Rather, to connect with your individual ability to create and see what unfolds before you, riding the adventurous wave of uncertainty.

If you know you want—need—to restore play to your life or business, begin with an intention. Intention is more than a goal. Intention is the power of creation set in motion. It is a declaration to invite the forces of the Universe to work with you and you to surrender with them—step one to more play because it is not simply up to your efforting. Whew!

Start with a simple power statement to affirm your intention such as:

  • I live and work playfully
  • I intend to live and work playfully
  • I choose to live and work playfully

Then pay attention to the subtleties. For example, are you receiving more fun tasks at work? Are your clientele shifting? Are the more arduous parts of your life shifting? Do things feel like they get worse? Are you drawn to get the help you need to make changes? Are new opportunities arriving? Are you finishing your projects faster? Do you feel more creative? Are you inspired to recreate more? And always take action. The action you take builds your intuition and connection with soul.

Play gives life meaning and focus. Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” So remind yourself as your play ethic™ unfolds that you are opening your mind to ideas, increasing creativity, amplifying your focus, and invigorating your mind, body and spirit for more life adventure—including work and livelihood.

“The soul has no other wish than to have an unlimited number of fearless, joyful, playmates on the journey home.”
~ Penney Peirce

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