The Bridge

A sailor friend of mine recently told me a story of sailing in the San Francisco Bay. As an experienced pilot, he was well acquainted with the waters, but wasn’t to let on of his experience to the rest of the crew since he wasn’t captain on this sail and the crew needed to gain experience.

The San Fran morning fog was thick and hanging heavy over the water while beginning to clear above. The crew was sure the bridge was much further, but my friend could feel it. He knew where they were. “Watch, he said finally, the bridge is right here.” They didn’t believe him. Again, he said “look, the bridge is here.”

At that moment they looked up astonished to find an opening in the fog and the Golden Gate Bridge spanning majestically above them as they sailed underneath.

You’ve been there. I know you have. Some of you are there now, on that proverbial edge of wondering… Wondering if you can trust what you’ve created, wondering if what is before you could really be this good. Or, wondering for what purpose your intuition brought you here, or said yes to that? It’s not what you expected. Or wondering where you go from here after creating all that.

The fog is clearing. The distractions you’ve used may be even more visible, more dissatisfactory now, more restless because something new is so present. New opportunities have generated through all the transformation you’ve been creating. The bridge is there. Trust it. Feel it. See it. Walk across, drive across, sail under, fly over, call the bridge tender and open the lift.

~Shelley Hawkins

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