I’m glad I didn’t grow up in the safety age. The age of helmets and multiple childhood safeguards. There’s something innately protective about the hubris fearlessness of those years. 

Or maybe it is better described as a belief in life, in the flow of the alpha brainwave, before we learned doubt from the big people. Where even if fear hangs out, its not in charge. It’s just part of the exhilaration… When you know you and your bike will make it to the other side. When you syphon the gas from the jeep can. When your eye is only on inevitable success and whatever happens, its fun.

There’s a line in the movie Golden Compass where, Lizzy, the risk taking main character, realizes she has the ability to read a unique instrument called an alethiometer. The one adult who knows about its special abilities reminds her she must “hold it lightly.” Input her data for what she wants to know without grasping for what the instrument will tell her. Let it come and the power unfolds. 

Kids seem to know innately not to grasp until they’re taught otherwise. To be in all their passion and still live with an open hand, open focus, all possibility, relaxed. Yes, true freedom has boundaries. But not limits.

We have a few weeks left of what has been an incredible year. I have been reflecting on the terrain I’ve traveled this year inside and out. How my intentions, the risks I took, and the unexpecteds of life have changed me in the course of their materialization. And the design I have in mind and heart for my life in the coming year.

When we risk everything, we think we’re risking things like our our money with investing or spending; relationships with boundaries, hearts, the unknown; our bodies with adventure or neglect, by the choices we make. 

But like any child still intuitively knows before thinking gets in the way, we’re really risking what we stand to gain in becoming ourselves, coming home to ourselves. They innately gravitate to what feels best because we are built to thrive. What we gain on the other side always carries elements of surprise, of what we had no idea could be if we let go of what we are.

Everything we do, give and receive—business, relationships, fitness, wealth—are all catalysts to risk everything we are, to become more of ourselves. To choose who we become…or who we remain.

May your year be filled with risks that light your childlike nature, to release attachments, doubts, habits, and limits to gain everything, more of who you didn’t know you could be.

~Shelley Hawkins

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