Really good rebellion is an art. Though it has a reputation for recklessness and being self-centered, the artful version of rebellion is not ego-centric, but a powerful, playful, and classy quality of character with deep roots, a penchant for the sacred, and a broad vision.

Though inspiration, passion, and many other qualities feed our belief in the seeming impossible, rebellion feeds our will to think and feel a new way, and to act.

Artful rebellion is passion in motion, loving life without reservation. We can say, “no”, without it, but a good dose of rebellion wakes us to our integrity to say, “enough;” moving our hearts out of constriction, apathy, or good enough, and into expansion, to recognize what’s complete in our lives. To stop settling and move out of our comfort zones to a willful “hell yes” to the next version of our best. Even if it looks impossible. Even if we can only feel it. Maybe especially when we can only feel it.

Rebellion divorced of a centered heart is just another bellowing ego-centric disruption. But rebellion born of a radiant heart is the dignified stuff of miracles and movements. Of epiphanies, simplicity, and genuineness. The union of the will for the impossible and the wisdom of enough.

~Shelley Hawkins

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