I see priorities as radiating spherically from my core center. Everything that is important and not important to me is there in my biofield beckoning for my attention, eager to grow. I listen and feel for the heat, the alignment, the peace, the exhilaration that guides my intention and where I place my attention.

Our attention is like a first-responder of creation. Keeping it tuned, wise, and relaxed to where we place it, with the quality of our intent, is a super-value, super-life generator. We can make life pretty complicated, but really it’s a very subtle rudder that steers the whole thing.

There is so much to care about. People we love. Our bodies and minds. Goals and intentions to fulfill. The philosophies we value. Our creative pursuits and involvements. Nature. Our livelihood. The care of things we hold in our possession.

The essence of who you are, what we call soul, feeds all of it and gives purpose to all of it. Many quotes from Maya Angelou to E.E. Cummings to Meister Eckhart to Shakespeare guide us in the essential priority to know thyself; to realize your intrinsic value, discover who you are, listen to the inner guide, and realize the world in general is not going to celebrate your consciousness. That’s a choice you make from the moment your eyes open in the morning, through your dreamtime, and each day as you wake again.

Yet this is the choice that will exhilarate you more than any other. And your exhilaration will animate all that you place your attention on, from the intrinsic value you realize in yourself and give through your attention.


~Shelley Hawkins

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