In fifth grade a friend and I gave the tetherball poles on the playground a new purpose. Ignoring the tetherball, we hooked one arm around the pole with the pole in the crook of our elbow, then put our other arm around the waist of another kid. Gaining leverage from the pole, we could lift the kid with ease in our arm while we pivoted around the pole so they would “fly free”. We had a line of kids waiting recess after recess.

 Life’s pivots are like that, lifting us and giving us leverage to see our experiences with a broader, more unpredictable purpose than we imagined, take our attention off of our previous limited focus, and onto the adventure we choose next.

 A client of mine is in a place like that. An event in her life shook her to her core not so long ago. She turned inward, thankfully, pivoting her life to transform it instead of pushing through with more of the same old mind.

 Now she’s in a place of creativity, confidence, new work, choice, wealth, and also unexpected apathy, saying, “what do I do with all this ease? What is the focus of my purpose now? Time to pivot. Again.

 When you’ve climbed the mountain—dissolved a pattern of relationship, raised your kids, made the money, healed the trauma, said goodbye through death, moved to the place of your dreams, acted on your epiphany, met the love of your life, divorced, give to what’s meaningful, built the business, live your rhythm—then at the top of your mountain in your peace, empty nest, ease, question, wealth, accomplishment, freedom, epiphany, you can take stock asking, again,

Who have I become?
What do I want to create from here?

 My client is ready for deeper meaning and realizing her mountain had purposes for transforming her she couldn’t predict. What she sees and wants at the top of the mountain are not the same as what she thought she wanted at the beginning of her climb. The old drives, goals and values, even altruistic ones, no longer motivate her.

 Her newly minted perspective is the leverage to pivot… and fly.

~Shelley Hawkins
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