Phenomenal Normal

One of my clients is a real estate agent. A phenomenal one. Other agents look to her and ask how she does it, the way she puts people together with houses. The way everything seems to come to her. They aspire to be phenomenal like her. It’s her normal. A normal she has envisioned, crafted, and nourished daily from within her.

Mellow music is hit or miss for me. It can easily teeter on a sad tone that pulls me down. Not the other night. A couple and their band performing acoustic folk exhilarated me body and soul. Though their abilities as musicians were fabulous, individually and together, what made the performance was how what they felt for each other permeated the room. 

As they exchanged glances, tuned their guitars to each other, leaned in for harmony, jammed on the blues, swore, interacted with their band, expressed mutual admiration, and made us laugh and move, the dynamic of their relationship radiated out from the stage into every atom of intimate space in the 150 person historic church turned concert hall.

What we reveled in is likely their normal everyday world. Un-phenomenal to them in the daily logistics of life, and how they enjoy each other. Yet what radiated out of that stage, connected us with a greater part of ourselves. As I watched them, I felt peacefully invigorated by a vision of my normal before my eyes. I left there on a high. Deeply fed, inspired, and so reminded of my love for life. And isn’t this where we want to create from? It made me want to write a book, love on someone, became a better sailor, a better friend, teach, create something, aspire to more.

Relationships that create an energy like that are a mutual conscious practice of what we bring to the table in every moment. My client lives a conscious practice of staying attuned in order to provide a phenomenal service. They begin with phenomenal as normal, not as unattainable, because, you know, the speed bumps will come. 

Let us not aspire to the normality of speed bumps.

Grounded connected kids, businesses, songs, ideas, nations, minds, hearts, bodies, and relationships aren’t raised by aspiring to normality, but by our willfulness to connect with ourselves, live beyond the herd mentality, and what we were today. Trusting, expressing, and expanding our own version of phenomenal-normal.

~Shelley Hawkins

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