The Wizard of Oz is a powerful metaphor for the journeys we make to open our potentials and discover our true nature. Tinman, Scarecrow, Lion and Dorothy were all seeking something they already had and didn’t know until they set out to find it.

In my yearly review and visioning, I look at what has taken place in the year that is completing. I look at everything that took place, events, intentions fulfilled, surprises, challenges and I look at who I’ve become. Then I ask what I want to leave behind and what I intend to take with me. Materially yes, but more so internally. What character qualities did I develop? Where did I love more? What took a hell of a lot of courage? Where did I open? Where did I close? What did I experience?

Always, the most rewarding experiences for the year are the inner leaps made to create, to experience, to walk through a proverbial fire, to love, and to stand– in the crevices between the outward manifestations.

What happened for you in 2017? Everything from people passing away, babies born, trips taken, visions fulfilled, speeches made, money goals met, challenges you walked through, perceptions left behind, houses bought, ideas implemented, self connection, beliefs dissolved, internal leaps made? What will you take with you? What do you want to leave behind?

~Shelley Hawkins
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