Open Road

Welcome the Open Road…

Spring is in bloom, summer is on its way, and I have road trips in mind. Open roads that give me a different kind of space to invent, shift paradigms, surrender, listen, adventure, play, and create on the way to…somewhere.

 When we find ourselves with unexpected space and opportunity—a new direction, a death, a new house, unexpected joy, new health, plans that fell through, empty nest, retirement, divorce, prosperity that gives us more time—it can be tempting to fill it with our left brain. For example, with what we think we want, with what we’re used to doing, with work, with meaningless play, with anxious or altruistic ideas of all that ‘must be done,’ with obligations to others, or erroneous fears that there will be no one to join us in our new way.

 But maybe what ‘must be done’ doesn’t want to be done anymore. And maybe you have a whole new crowd of compadres—one or many—waiting for you.

 The open road, along with the heart and right brain, is a canvas of invention. An invitation to paradigmatic shifts that you never return from—and wouldn’t want to—but sometimes you won’t know that until you are long down your new path.

 Depending on what has brought you to your open road, it may take all your courage to expand into it, to allow a new inner blueprint to form. Would you rather create from contraction or openness and expansion? Will you bring the same old comfortable and familiar with you, the struggle, the habits, turn back to a way that no longer exists? Or will you open to an unknown invention eager to emerge from within you?

 I’m reminded of two of my favorite quotes in this moment. Helen Keller telling us that “Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing.” And Thich Nhat Hahn reminding us “Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with truth.”

 I invite you to your own daring experiment and welcome the open road that brought it to your doorstep.

~Shelley Hawkins

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