On Being Light

On Being Light… 

The protagonists in movies with themes of transformation inevitably grapple with light and dark—within and around themselves—in the evolution of great things and great selves. Harry Potter, Ray in Field of Dreams, and Jason Bourne all grappled with the strength of their will to be the light they are, their true natures; to follow something inside them, even when it seemed conditioned out of them…something simultaneously unbelievable and absolute.

Showing up as a voice in the corn, a patronus charm, flashbacks, magic in the closet, and baseball players, their light was indomitable when it was time for something within them to come to life.

Yours is, too.

On their path of “yes,” they grappled with things seen and unseen…doubts and doubters, nightmares, bullies, lies, life-suckers, grief, and foreclosure even among the victories, lazy sunny afternoons, love, wine, laughter, and silliness. We do, too.

It’s worth it.

In business, relationships, health goals, and the dreams we seek to bring to life, owning our light involves a lot of trust, daring, forming great questions, listening, quietude, will, adventure, heart, and unlearning what we think we know about ourselves and our world.

Good thing we’re in good company. Sages of the ages—standing next to you as a child or elder in the grocery line or in the dusty books on your shelf—remind us what they experienced to bring their art forward, to own their gifts, to trust in joy, to change a paradigm, to be married 75 years, to invent, to raise their kids.

Our entire solar system revolves around light and you do, too. Yeah, light attracts flies and biting, no-see-um, clingy creatures. Shew them away. Turn up the flame.

Shine on.

 ~Shelley Hawkins

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