Before our next session started in a recent meditation workshop, the instructor leaned over to hug my new Australian friend and whisper, never let anyone make you close your heart again. He saw the milestone that had happened for her and in her.

The really big moments in our lives are happening closer and closer together. Our ahas, epiphanies, and leaps aren’t just happening months and years apart, in big retreats, they’re happening daily. Moment to moment. Multiples in a moment. The adventure is staying open and awake to them. 

In my recent time away in personal retreat, I made leaps I may never have sufficient words for, like my friend did. Why shrink them with words? Instead, let them be lived. And, I feel like everyday is a milestone of change and unexpected challenges and blessings.

Only the heart is strong enough for this. Only the opening heart has the power to truly protect us. Only the heart can lead us into the creativity for a future we wouldn’t have trusted ourselves with before, instead of a past we’re doomed to repeat. Science has been giving us an integrated and maturing view of the heart physically and mystically so we can realize its power and role for what we create next, from boardrooms to bedrooms, to playrooms.

Smart businesses, parents, entrepreneurs, and everyday dog lovers are waking up to this. Your milestones aren’t just leading you, their leading all of us in a new direction, a new world. Pay attention for them. Live them. Share them. Fall in love with the life they’re leading you on, so we may each open to more of ourselves.

~Shelley Hawkins

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