Love Paradox

As far as I know most languages have more words for love than we do in the English language. Ways of describing its nuances for what we mean to communicate. Love is so multidimensional. And we need all of them. What kind of love? For whom? For what kind of situation? To create what? 

I can love a mountain lion, but I’m not going to hang around for a cuddle when its gazing down from the tree considering me for lunch. My love for her happens with deep respect, admiration, awe…and from a distance.

In contrast, my love for a friend, a beloved, a relative, makes me want to connect. To draw close, to know and be known.

Sanskrit has 99 words for love. Persian has 30. The Ancient Greeks had 6 words for love to communicate what they really mean. Eskimos have 30 words even for snow, all for communicating the nuances necessary to thrive in their culture and geography. 

I wondered why I was drawn to write about love this week with its nuances and inherent paradox, at this time of year. There is so much happening in the world and in our personal lives that requires us to draw from dimensions of love that we may not have explored within ourselves. To drop us out of our crusty remaining linear habits of love and into our hearts and deeper, unexplored ways of knowing and loving.

Dimensions that put us in touch with forgotten aspects of ourselves that when we open to them again, as never before, we open to untapped creativity and passion, unexplored joy and peace, unexperienced childlikeness, unfelt power, focus, peace, desire to give, and purpose. All waiting for us to discover as treasure within ourselves—more love. And aspects needed for expanding through the unknown and transformation before us.

Amongst this season of giving in its various expressions and cultures, the winter Solstice is this Thursday the 21st. The paradox of this night is being the shortest night of the year and the beginning of our days growing longer in the Northern Hemisphere. Of winter just beginning at the same time the light increases. A time of completion, letting go and going inward while opening to more of what’s aligned and designing life for a new year. 

Yeah, we can love everything. But not the same. Love is wise and discerning as well as infinite. Love what brings you home to yourself. Move your attention away from what doesn’t. Attention and Intention are the creative impetus for everything. 

Love what or who inspires you into those forgotten aspects of your joy, power, peace, centeredness and into its delivery and expression in all the unique and creative ways you have of giving and being. Love is fierce and love is devoted. Give this to yourself.

~Shelley Hawkins

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