Living Artist

It’s exhilarating to realize what you’re really here for… to be yourself. That you have way more capacity than you will access in your lifetime no matter what you accomplish; that you know way more than you think you do (and way less); that you have the power to create ripples of change throughout lifetimes with a single choice, a single word, a single act from love. And sometimes it’s scary.

A client commented this week that one of the things she’s most exciting about is beginning to get a grasp of what she no longer need settle for in your conventionally successful life, what energy really is and what it means to work with it (play with it really) for the true creative potential of her life—in business, relationships, all of it.

 She’s excited about getting away from “getting things done,” “checking things off her list” and leading her life from a depth of feeling. She’s just barely scratching the surface of what it means to feel the joy of her life at depth, building her business and relationships from here, and what she’ll contribute to life and others simply by being herself.

 “It’s a daring act to live from your wholeness,” said Parker Palmer, a quote I keep on my website. The everyday world is filled with messages of how to live by stepping through the paces—how to eat, have fun, market your business, love, give back, do politics, adventure—to have a great life.

 But your true-life-cadence won’t lead you through the paces, or let you settle for such convention. You write as you go. You have trails to blaze that will open worlds to the rest of us—right there in your everyday-ness as well as in your epic creations. You have notes to write in your masterpiece that will harmonize, clash, and create new neurons with others.

 Please write.

~Shelley Hawkins

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