Light after light

Imagine you are a sunflower looking into a mirror seeing an infinity of sunflowers, one after the other, all the options before you.

 The sunflower has been a symbol of my company through all its evolutions because of its natural behavior. It turns its face toward the sun and follows the light as it moves across the sky while the earth turns in its orbit. Yes, I’m a sun-lover, but it’s the metaphor I’m pointing to.

In that mirror, we’re looking at the versions of light within us. Any one we choose will likely have something we ‘shed’ in the meantime to claim that light.

 Choosing more health and vitality may include releasing current routines, habits, and self perceptions. Choosing more prosperity involves letting go of former relationships with money and self perceptions. Choosing more love includes letting go of the places we’ve learned to block it. Choosing more joy may include shedding grief in many disguises.

 But in all, the light already exists. And that’s the key to where we place our attention while we attend to what we shed. You already are light and in everything you shed, you’re learning to become it, you and I, in your extraordinary (unique, one-of-a-kind) way.

~Shelley Hawkins

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