“Joy and responsibility move in tandem…”

Where did we learn to pit responsibility against our joy? Though responsibility is often misunderstood as something along the lines of weight or burden, it’s role in our lives is creative, to take us beyond status quo.
Responsibility = creative.
No matter what happens on the continuum from devastating to exhilarating, responsibility asks, “what will I create with this?”.
Depending on what you are applying it to, your creativity could mean anything from simply being present to soak it in, to healing and transformation, to cleaning up the egg off the floor and starting your omelette over.
Without joy, our responsibility will eventually dry us up. If we see responsibility as creative opportunity, we’ll take the inward journey that makes joy our guide.
There, our passions are tended, our vibrancy stoked, our authenticity rooted, our trust given the opportunity to soar. And our material external world follows suit. In conversations with my clients who have experienced devastating loss through death, business, and trauma, they thought they’d already experienced the best and felt devastated with its loss, disloyal in the joy of total freedom and healing. When their devastation dissolved into non-existence, their natural joy was ready and waiting. They could trust themselves again with the creative responsibility to live and thrive, to embrace and allow better-than-ever-before to flourish in their lives.
~Shelley Hawkins, MS

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