Intuitive Intelligence

As leader—of your life, a conscious company, an organization—learning to use your intuitive abilities is essential for innovations, meaning, and opening a way that is original, transformative, and present.

How are you educating and feeding your intuitive intelligence?

Moving from the information age to the intuition age, we are seeing greater buzz around intuitive leadership in the business world and the power of decisions that take place based on intuition while incorporating reason, called a whole brain approach. Woohoo! Hello world!

One of the first distinctions we learn to make in our intuitive learning curve is between fear and intuition. There is a lot being called intuition that is filtered through fear and ego. Our intuitive intelligence, our inner vision, is an unlimited databank, yes, and it can also be influenced by our internal environment. Taking charge of our world within makes us clear transponders.

A Whole Person Approach…

So what kind of environment is your intuition wading through?

David Hawkins, MD defines joy in his map of consciousness, after a 29 year study, as a constant state we can live from, vibrating at a frequency of 540 on a scale of 0-1000. Given that much of society functions at 200 or below, 540 is significant. Joy as a constant carries us through everything—play as well as grief. The counterbalance of a few operating from joy is significant. But imagine if a critical mass (which is smaller than you think) functioned from this level?

In consultation with a client the other day, I reminded her that to shape her life, to the degree she shuts yourself off from feelings such as disappointment, sadness, or pain, she also shuts yourself off from her joy, ecstasy, intuition, connection, and spontaneity. To risk joy, we risk pain, too. But even more, we risk becoming free.

What’s the value of feeling joy anyway? Besides the simultaneous buzz and groundedness, a simple example is to consider what you would choose differently from joy verses say, logic, neutrality, responsibility, or anxiety, emptiness, and frustration. What would you draw into your life from joy instead of these other states?

We create a different endgame and possibility from the place we start. Logic may give us a reasonable decision, but it will be another version or incremental step, even if better, of what we already have. Original, transformative, exhilarating, beneficial to all…that takes intuition. As we learn to trust our intuitive intelligence first, we craft a much more highly evolved world. So what are we feeding and how are we supporting our intuition?

Joy is aliveness. We’re wired for it. It’s in our bones. In our core nature, already there, inside you. Joy emerges authentically and organically as we surrender and dissolve the feelings, conditioning, mental chatter, and ways we’ve learned to block it for survival. The more that is surrendered, the less reactive and stressful we feel and the more authentic vibrancy is liberated for creative juices, physical energy for life, innovation, generosity, love, prosperity, peace, and supporting a thriving intuition.

You’ve heard the phrase, let joy be your guide. Many people don’t know what joy feels like. Highly functioning people who come across positive, satisfied with their lives and bank accounts are living in flatline or high alert and say, huh? Joy?

They learned to function on autopilot to make life happen. They have strong minds and know how to be positive. But they have no idea how to feel alive in a sustained way. Would you love to know what joy feels like?

“If I only go by joy, I’d have to clear out half my life—people and things!,” she said. Yep. And behind the clutter—internal and external–she’ll find the happiness and connection she hungers for.

Do you want an innovative, original, transformative, joyful future—individually and globally? To discover what else is possible beyond what your linear, logical brain can re-arrange? Or the level you’ve used your intuition so far? Cultivate an environment—inner and outer—where your intuitive intelligence can thrive.

Tips for giving your joy an upgrade (and your intuitive intelligence):

  1. Remember, you are wired with joy. So first ask yourself if you even know what it feels like? What has passed for joy before may be you being positive, working it. If so, you’re in for something profound as you begin to experience the real thing coming from within you. Or you may feel it in spirts or at a level that you’re ready to expand.
  2. Because we’re wired for it, sure, think happy thoughts. But do you want to FEEL joy like a whole body, whole person experience? Attend to the rubble that has accumulated over top—internal first, and external, i.e. emotion and life debris that has left behind feelings that make you contract, or, hypervigilant service, overwork, guilt, or conflict.
  3. We are constantly evolving, so if you’ve done this before, give your joy an upgrade. Write a list of what lights you up now. It may not be the same as last year or 10 years ago. Start taking note of who, what, and where in your life lights you up from your body’s perspective. What do you feel in each of these? Sometimes we mistake anxiety that we feel with someone for excitement or joy. Joy has a peaceful and grounding quality to it while anxiety can have a myriad of outcomes.
  4. Wherever you discover the need for tweaking, try something simple… drop into your body, feel what that situation feels like now and surrender it from your body’s perspective. What’s behind that feeling? Surrender it. And behind that, and behind that. Stay with each until you feel it relax and dissolve. You are teaching your body, which holds the past, to relax, which makes room for joy to emerge organically, and intuition to flow more organically.
  5. Begin to act on what lights you up.


~Shelley Hawkins

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