Instincts & Infinity

On a recent solo road trip to Montana, I took several pictures of the road in front of me, inspired by a sense of infinity. I love the feeling of open road, blue sky and not a car in sight. It gives me a feeling of bliss, expansiveness, and infinity, yet it doesn’t even come close to what infinity really represents.

Our instincts are often associated with our reptilian brain. A subconscious and automatic response geared to repetition, familiarity, and survival; to find the one criticism in a pile of compliments, for example, to worry, and to think that our greatness is something within our current frame of (limited) imagination.

This brilliant instinct is responsible for causing us to turn and go down a different street away from danger we can’t see yet, to compel a mother to lift a car off her child, and to compel birds to migrate each year like the Arctic Tern known for the longest migration in the world—49,700 miles a year.

Our instincts can be confused, though, with conditioning. We learn to repeat the familiar emotional patterns and dis-ease of previous generations, for example. To live by survival instincts on a daily basis. Or to stay when we ought to be running and fearing what we ought to be creating.

Left to our default, we will continue to repeat a version of history individually and collectively until we liberate our instincts and tune them to a new frequency.

A client asked me last week about worry. She thought of it as a form of love, instinct, and support. But why would you want to put worry on the people you love? It won’t save them, empower them, or support them to create something magnificent. It’s like sending a prayer for the worst that could happen.

She got it. Both where it was coming from within her as well as the kind of thoughts she could send instead (the speed of thought is faster than the speed of light).

We know now that it is possible to train our brain to increase telomeres that increase our lifespan, increase the ability of our DNA to repair itself, and increase gamma waves that cause the body to regenerate. We can transform emotional experiences as if they never happened while keeping the wisdom of our experience and transmit thoughts to each other that can be felt.

We can train our brain (and every part of our body and being) to respond with possibility as our instinct instead of the worst, to be geared toward regeneration instead of degeneration, to new beginnings, and to creation by freeing ourselves of the old instincts and receiving new understanding of what infinite possibility really is. Hint: At the ‘end’ of every infinity, there is another. Evolution takes place when an organism fills and outgrows its current station and must adapt into a new way, including you and I.

This takes you past positive thinking. It’s a different kind of internal integrity; of being in charge of the creational aspects of your nature and playing with your capacities to evolve and be consciously part of the infinity you already are.

What do your instincts have to do with what’s important to you on a daily basis?

I know you’re the kind of person who wants to live the best of themselves. What you tune your instincts to will change the way you respond in relationship and the kind of relationships you have the potential to create. It will change what you draw from for ideas, service, leadership, joy, fulfillment, and teamwork for your business. It will change the kind of health, vitality and agelessness you can generate in your body. It will change the joy and peace you are able to live from. It will change the level of income you can experience.

Are you plugged into infinity or repetition?

~Shelley Hawkins

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