“Imagine you are a sun…”

I’ve been in love with the sun throughout my life. Yes, I’m a fire sign. But long before I knew astrological signs existed, I made a connection with how good I felt in the summer and how much I loved the sun. The first time I experienced the desert I wondered why no one had told me about this before. I felt home.

Living in the desert it was a given. Living in a cloudy climate I get creative in making sure me and the light are connected and getting as much of each other as possible. Not because of any physical malady. Simply because I thrive there, I feel joy, and bliss out. Sun and light make me feel good, fuel me for giving more to others, to laugh more.

Think about it, one second of the sun’s energy output could power the United States for 9,000,000 years. It produces enough energy in an hour to power 2,880 trillion light bulbs. That’s one lightbulb for each of the 7 billion people walking this planet supplied for a lifetime of light. And radiates on you and I everyday.

So if you were a sun, what’s it like to be in your radiance?

~ Shelley Hawkins, MS

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