There are many things that tug at our willingness and devotion to our own light. Even our own goals can lead us away from ourselves instead of into greater self connection. Thankfully Oprah, among others, made it safe for the masses to say, “I want to be my best self,” and there is so much waking up and maturing going on as to what that means actually means.

Our desire for self-expression is timeless, ageless, woven into our nature. So is heaven. Heaven is described by Don Miguel Ruiz in Toltec wisdom, and many wisdom traditions, as a place of joy, happiness, love, and the freedom to be who you are, free from your past. It’s not someplace ‘out there.’ It’s ‘in here.’ We’re not waiting for it. We make it each day.

Reagan is successful, retired, and searching to establish a new dream, new meaning for his life from here. To use his creative abilities with the confidence he’s sought his entire life. He’s already been successful, yet there it is; the yearning for a confident expression he no longer has to analyze or manage, but flows freely through him; to feel deep belonging and joy cursing through his veins. His own light, his personal heaven.

Jessica holds herself tight. She had a successful beginning to her work life. But after the effects of abuse, she hasn’t been able to renew her success. Her burning desire is to live the full expression of who she is in all facets of her life. To be the best in her industry loving her clients, to be free of the effects of abuse, guilt, grief, and anxiety she works around each day to make life happen, and to feel joy and happiness for the great life she already has.

Heaven. Or at least the beginning of it. It gets way better than this.

When we decide to make our own heaven, to become who we are consciously instead of a mental journey of positivity on steroids, a few things are going to happen for sure, like for my clients mentioned above.

We’ll be faced with the places we have committed our joy that aren’t coherent with who we are, so we can energetically liberate ourselves from them. We’ll discover the agreements we’ve made, and the conditioning we live by that keep us right where we are. And we’ll discover a radiant self longing for connection and expression that was there all along pushing through like blooms on a fruit tree in Spring.

It’s officially Spring this week in the Northern hemisphere. A season where we prune the heaviness of Winter. The lifeblood blooms in the fruit trees, horses kick up their heels in the pastures, and color returns all around us.

“I want to be my best self” is our desire for life itself, like the season, our passion seeking new forms and dissolving what was.

Will you make heaven, too?

~Shelley Hawkins

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