Feathers & Wings

As I learn to sail, I have a new appreciation for wings, similar to a sail, and their relationship to the wind; how something so light can be so powerful and create so much speed when matched, yielding and cooperating with the wind.

Creating our lives is like that. Powerful and strong. Light and yielding. Setting sail to the wind.

Imagine being on the edge of the nest heading out for your first flight. Your talons gripping the woven branches and debris for a last hold, your wings stretching to familiarize yourself with the air flowing through your feathers, feeling for that moment to let go.

Are you looking down at the ground and the distance it is to fall or looking out into the sky?

Our creative edge is like that, leaving another nest of identity, comfort, perspective and familiarity and stepping into another beginning, another exhilarating risk, another greatness unexplored, another ease, another thermal, wondering what it feels like to stretch our wings in that direction.

Our best response is strong, yes, and light. The wind will carry us. Is the angle of your wings set with the wind or fighting it? For flight? For speed? For rest? It’s all creative.

Feathers aren’t forever. We molt. Like the osprey, the great blue herons, the eagles, and hawks that have been keeping me company of late, we lose our feathers regularly to make room for new growth, familiarize ourselves with our new wings, and discover the companions who will fly with us.

Maybe it was yesterday, or a minute ago, or last month. Maybe you’ve been walking through something for years and molted a few times. This time, this time you fly. What are you holding on to?

~Shelley Hawkins

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