Erroneous Loyalties

There are a lot of reasons and not-so-reasons we come up with, you and I, for not changing, and becoming a greater version of ourselves in any given experience. Many of them we keep hidden even from ourselves. We make stuff up about our future, who will be there and who won’t if we make a move, let go, leap, say yes.

 That is until a word overheard from someone else’s conversation, a meditation, a teacher, a book, a movie, a friend, sparks something to catalyze change, heal (which means not to return to original form), to see ourselves and new possibilities.

 A common, if inaccurate, concept about leadership is that it is lonely at the top or there is no one waiting for you on the ‘other side’ of whatever it is you’re experiencing now. I won’t know anyone if I move there; my ideal job doesn’t exist; there is no one else for me; no one else does business the way I do.

 The truth is, those who truly match you are waiting for you in your greater capacities, for your courage to give up the not-so-reasons to avoid your greaterness, to keep creating no matter how good life gets or how deep the struggle feels at the moment.

 We all, you, me, my clients (where this blog comes from), have all been afraid of ‘leaving someone behind’, of being judged, of letting someone down, of being alone if we excel past our peers, make play a priority, experience ease and space, pursue athletic goals, create true happiness, vibrant health, prosperity, or whatever.

 We’ve held tight to erroneous loyalties, unconscious obligations, blind identities, guilts, egos. Ready to be free and create from a whole new space of you?

 I think a better question is who is waiting for you on the other side of your current expression of greatness? And greatness, by the way, is like the Greek root of the word genius…becoming who you were all along. Greatness isn’t discovering what’s wrong with you. It’s discovering what’s right with you and shedding the illusions and definitions you’ve held yourself in. You already are it.

 For whatever your goals, desires, and intentions, consider who is waiting for you in your future…as your readers for that book your writing, the partner for the love of your life, the clients for the shape your business can’t wait to take next, the family members (of earth and birth) who have been eager to know more of the you you’ve held back, the students who are eager to learn your perspective and meet someone who finally thinks the way they do.


They’re in your future already. Go.
~Shelley Hawkins

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