Equation for Life

When fire meets clay…

When fire meets clay, something soft, raw and malleable becomes strong, useful, beautiful, and tough.

Your power, though ineffable, is like clay—malleable, shapeable, raw material ready for use. Power has been a buzz topic recently among my clients and I see it across the web in consciousness circles at large. Perhaps because we see what masquerades as power being misused. Or, as I hear from others, “I have all this power and don’ t really know what to do with it. I can create a successful professional life, but I don’t know how to create the stuff that feels meaningful and personal.”

Power can lay dormant behind our drive to make things happen, prove ourselves, over analyze, keep our guard up, live in the Newtonian way of doing life moving things from here to there with struggle.

When we’re connected authentically with our power, it naturally leads to a creative life and the realization that we actually are creators. You’re here for life to experience itself as you. The more you are connected with your intrinsic power, the more creative you feel. Not that something has to be “produced.” I’m not speaking of production, but creation, which are different intentions and energies.

We’ve started in the middle of the story. So, what is the prequel to true power? Connection with yourself, choice, self-worth, inner peace, integrity inside and out, happiness, joy, surrendered to life, trust, nothing to prove.

With power that is internal and life giving, you feel more responsible. That is, willing and creative, with the substance of life in any given moment…thanking the waiter, transforming a difficult situation, admiring the sunset, creating a better world, feeling purposeful, surrounding yourself with the best company, seizing the moment to meet the love of your life, acting on a business idea. And in true power, you move from the competitive mind, where varying forms of scarcity, comparison, struggle and powerlessness abound, to the creative mind where all things are possible and greatness exudes.

I’ve taught for years that responsibility is creative. Though its often perceived as a burden to carry, or the common, if not dry phrase, responsibility is your ability to respond, I see responsibility as creative. The willingness to shape our experiences (and be shaped)—past, present, and future.

When students see the equation, responsibility = creative on the board in front of them, it has been a wakeup call for many. Like something lifted and they could connect with responsibility as something playful, malleable, noble, and see their sovereignty within it. They were freed from responsibility as obligation, weight, or confinement in some way that could not inspire them, or be the fuel for magnificent lives.

Responsibility is the will-ingness, the vision of possibility that receives the clay in its hands asking, what can I create from this? A noble relationship.

Creativity is the fire that makes your life art. That moves clay into useful creations fired and glazed into beauty, strength, maturity, and substance.

“Pieces of pottery have survived thousands of years all because clay met fire.” ~ Beth Peterson, The Spruce Crafts

Realizing how much you actually create (everything), nurturing your power and reveling in its responsibility becomes your life’s purpose, so that life can have its greatest experience as you.

We can shift a situation with a single thought or creative intention from worry to harmony; restructure our business in a single meditation, transform a lifetime of difficulty with the dissolution of a single subconscious belief to its root; create a masterpiece in a single nap; heal a body with the liberation of a single perception; transform a family in one celebration; transport a relationship with a spontaneous picnic and a single new concept of love…when fire meets clay.

Power Responsibility = Creative

~Shelley Hawkins

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